Traditional Dining Room Decor

Traditional Dining Room

Dining rooms may be on the wane, but many still would prefer to have a space in the home where they could celebrate occasions and holidays with their family, friends and loved ones. In the past, it is a home necessity to have a formal dining rooms which will be used daily.

When it comes to interior design, traditional decor is one of the highly sought after design. You may ask what made it so popular what exactly is a traditional style.

Contrary to what many people believe, this traditional decor style is a timeless example of elegance and comfort which is suitable for those who appreciate deep wood tones, furniture of elegant design and architectural details emphasis. Many refer this traditional decor as classic home decor as it provides the homely feeling which modern decors lack.

How to decorate a traditional dining room?

If you have French doors with windows, create a warm and inviting space by using neutral tones on the darker end of the spectrum balance, while having the natural light through. Depending on your dining room size, you may want to consider adding furniture like screens, china cabinets or sideboards if your room is fairly large. However, if you want to downplay the size, you can use wider, and bigger upholstered chairs to achieve that.

If you want to bring some warmth to the table, try adding some fabric for the tabletop as covering surfaces that are bare gives some warmth feeling to the table. Add some extra cushions to the chairs and place some indoor plants will add an additional touch of the outdoors.

As for the walls, below are some of the ideas that you could use.

1. Mixing patterns and colors to eliminate the boring feeling of the old dining room.

2 Warm your traditional dining room with reclaimed wood.

3. Use colors to highlight the architectural details of the room.

4. Add colors to the dining room walls with drapes and stripes.

5. Hang a realistic photo mural if you have a small dining room

Can traditional dining room be modernized?

You many have inherited a family house that comes with a traditional dining room. However, if you would like to have the dining room updated, there are many ways to do it without losing your beloved furniture. With just some simple additions of light, color, texture, pattern, and a reworking for the traditional furniture, your dining room can be made new again. One of the simplest way is to emulate your favorite restaurant and make at least one bold choice when it comes to the design.

Some of the modifications you could do is like having the dining set repainted with deep jewel tones like navy blue which will then give a great transformation to your old furniture.

For traditional armchair, you can just change the seat fabric to something with contrasts like cheetah or leopard design.

If you feel that your chandelier is too traditional, you could update it by hanging 3 chandeliers at various heights to have a new look.

Some may consider those oriental rug as too formal and replace them for a more modern look. You could opt for a bright or neutral colored rug depending on your chose color theme.

Ultimately, how you choose for your traditional dining room decor will greatly affect on how you will feel eventually when you sit down for dinner or for a family gathering.