Small Kitchen Decor

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Decorating a Small Kitchen

Not many people actually lives in large home with big kitchen. But nevertheless, it does not mean that we should not utilize and maximize the space we have. It may not have a large kitchen island that sits ten or cupboard space to accommodate the whole restaurant’s dishware collections.

Small Kitchen DesignIn fact, a small kitchen does offers many benefits too. With the limited space, we are forced to be frugal when it comes to the kitchenware.

So how does one decorate a small kitchen like in an apartment? There are numerous ways to achieve it. Use the space if it is empty above your fridge, downsize the furniture, and adding cubbies around the entrance of the kitchen are among some useful practices.

And to make the small kitchen beautiful, opt for crisp color theme and do not hesitate to invest in flexible storage. Distract the eyes from the “smallness” of the kitchen with bold flooring and large tiles. Paint the kitchen cabinets and cupboards to match the color of the walls. Instead of using extractor hood, install a combined extractor induction hob. If there are any awkward corners in the kitchen, convert them into clever storage space.

Making A Small Kitchen Looks Bigger

Small Kitchen DesignTo make a small kitchen look visually bigger, have the kitchen walls painted in neutral paint colors like white as it reflects light, and increases the sense of a large space. This is a simple and low-cost method to immediately make your kitchen feel bigger. So when you use this light colors on your walls, ceiling, cabinetry, and countertops, you are actually creating a cohesive space, and eliminating edges or boundaries that limit the eye. Another way is to install mirrors and using see-through elements. An unobstructed visual path makes your small kitchen look bigger. If there is a window, ensure that sunlight could beam into the small kitchen. Keep the windows simple and blinds or curtains free.

Best Layout For A Small Kitchen

Small kitchen with corridor-style or galley is the layout of choice and very popular. Within this layout design, the services (sink, stove, dishwater, etc) are located together within a small area. Upper and lower cabinets are used as storage, in order to leave the counter space for cooking.

Use Open Storage

Small Kitchen DesignBesides being more airy, open shelving actually gives a more spacious look in your kitchen. You can do so by simply removing some cabinet doors and see the immediate effect. However, bear in mind that the shelves should not be clattered or it will cause a reverse effect. On trend currently are copper shelving. If you have the habit of being neat and tidy, then this stunning addition is another option. However, if you have to use a closed cabinets, then select those with slim line base.

Arranging appliances in a small kitchen also requires some careful planning. Appliances that are frequently used should be stored on the lowest cabinet shelves or on the countertop. Those hardly used should be at the top of your cabinets. Any items never used should be removed.