Small Apartment Decorating

Small Apartment Decorating

How to layout a small apartment living room?

The living room is one of the place where you will probably be spending a lot of your time in the apartment. So it is very important to get it right so that you could enjoy your time spent there. Decorating a small apartment living room can be a challenge and tricky as you will need to strike a fine balance between making the room spacious and at the same time squeezing in extra seating. Below are some of the tips that you could use for your small apartment living room decor.

1. Use wallpaper and mirror

If your apartment does not come with many windows, then it can makes the place feel a little boxed in. In order to overcome that, you will need to boost light and create a focal point by adding some depth by papering the wall and hanging a large mirror, preferably across from a window to reflect the outside view. This can create an impression of an extra window.

2. Add extra hidden storage

To limit clutter, use furniture that come with built-in storage. Example a storage ottoman as coffee table or a trunk. Instead of console table along the room perimeter, try a small credenza or small chest of drawers.

3. Choose furniture that are small-scaled

Buy small settees, chairs and love seats that suits your apartment instead of those full-size and bulky sofas and armchairs. Until the last half century, average room size of that period tend to be quite small. So it is easier to look for those small-scale furniture in antiques shops.

4. Filling the vertical space

Sometimes small apartments do come with high ceilings. Take advantage of that extra space above. While a vertical space won’t help in adding in any extra furniture, however it can give an impression of a larger room than it is, if you can draw the eyes upward. So fill that extra space with some pieces of arts.

5. Downsizing the sofa set

In a small apartment scenario, a full-size sofa just won’t click! Instead, use slimmed-down petit sofa or love seat. Opt for those with clean lines and with the legs exposed for an airiest look.

6. Using backless sofa

Positioning a sofa on the wall is not always the best position especially in an open-plan space, compared to the center of the room. However, a couch in the center of a small living room is not going to be an ideal position too. A backless sofa is a great alternative which can be seated from both sides.

7. Add plants in the room

Using plants work wonders when it comes to adding depth to a small living room decor. Lush greenery can softens the corners and fooling the eyes into thinking that the space is bigger. Plants are ideally placed in corners and beside sofas and chairs.

How to decorate a small apartment on a budget?

Decorating a small apartment need not be expensive and costly if you know how to go about it. Just follow a few simple guidelines and you will have a great place on a low cost.

Buy those furniture that comes with extra secret storage space. These extra spaces will definitely comes in handy in a space constrain apartment.

Using a large mirrors to create a visually larger space. Big mirrors works wonders in small apartments. They are not that expensive and can be found in a thrift store.

Use wall decals instead of expensive art to decorate the bedroom walls. These vinyl stickers can decorate your wall and are cost effective. They are super easy to stick onto your apartment wall. In average, it will only cost about $80 to decorate the entire wall of your apartment bedroom with these wall decals.

Use furniture that are specifically made condo-sized as they have been scaled to match a small apartment size. Besides, it is also relatively cheaper to buy smaller-sized furniture.

A bookshelf takes up more spaces than floating shelves. These floating shelves can be fixed at any open available spaces like above the dresser. By using this type of shelves, you could save space. Besides it will also create a chic look as nowadays, there are cool mirrored floating shelves and unique shaped floating shelves of multi-functional.

How to decorate a One-Bedroom Apartment?

There are a few tips that you could actually use to create a great living space even though it is just a one-bedroom apartment. You could start by using art as an inspiration. Go for those arts that are larger in size to fill the expansive wall. Do not use small pieces of arts as they will tend to give a visual of a cluttered space. For storage, always opt to go vertical as it is the most space efficient when it comes to apartment storage.

Within the little space, try to define and separate the areas to different functionality like sleeping area, cooking, dining, and others. Also ensure that you regularly de-clutter your apartment.