Contemporary Decor

Contemporary Decor

Fundamentally, this style of contemporary decor which is about now and the future, derived from the later part of the 20th century. Unlike the olden designs of stark lines, contemporary decor encompasses feature that are with rounded lines as well as more softened look. These interiors focus on the basics of form, shape and lines which are more of a neutral elements accompanied by bold colors.

Contemporary Decor

Tidiness and clean cut is the features of contemporary designs which favors subtle sophistication, simplicities with straight lines, and heavy usage of textures. Furniture of natural wood finishes and white colored are favored over dark. Interior designers have the tendencies of showcasing space instead of things and due to that, contemporary designs are usually fresh and sleek.

For contemporary house design, it is easy to identify them with the designs of common elements like bold geometric shapes, tall, irregular window shapes, asymmetrical floor plans and facades. And there is always a link between the outdoors and indoors.

Contemporary Decor

How to transform your house to become more contemporary?

In a contemporary design, having less is actually more, as the primary focus is on the spaces surrounding the furnishings instead of the furniture itself. So ensure that you de-clutter your home.

Remove any outdated wallpaper and change to new design but avoid those heavily textured. If painting the walls is required, use the correct color palette that complement your preference, artwork and furnishings.

Update all your lighting to a newer contemporary chandelier or pendant for your dining room or kitchen. Use recessed lighting as they are smaller and more energy efficient. Depending on your preference, you can either opt for warmer light or bright white light as both could be used in contemporary decor design.

If you plan to mix white with wood furniture, ensure that the wall is white too. A combination of a wooden panel accent wall with white couch, or white end tables with wood coffee table will look great. Combining wood tones with white is an ideal way to have a modern decor with natural design.

In fact, white walls go well with just about any color of wood furniture as long as the wood furniture is dark, as it will create a distinct contrast. This method is also an awesome way to have a few mixture of different wood tones.

Contemporary Decor

Can different sofa styles be mixed for contemporary decor?

To create a nice and cohesive design for rooms, you can use matching sofa set. This matching combinations can lead to satisfying and interesting room design if done correctly. The focus is to use details in connecting different sofas together to make them look coordinated.

Can rooms be painted with different colors in contemporary design?

You can definitely have different colors painted for each room. However, to ensure that there is a standard theme, try not to use too many colors. Ideally use only four or five colors which are not tool intense or bold, throughout the whole house. This will also ensure that all the rooms looks matching and achieve a color continuity.

Do bathrooms and kitchen need to match in a contemporary design?

Kitchen and bathrooms need not have to match in contemporary decor design. However, it does not mean that you should design them without taking the entire home decor theme into consideration. You have to ensure that their designs have a coordinated style with cohesive look. Otherwise they will look mismatched.