Bedroom Home Decor

Bedroom Home Decor

Use simple decorative items and colors

Using some bright green accent wall and bedding will add some nice colors, which will keep the room modern and simple. To add a little contemporary touch and at the same time creating some characters and interest, you can put some fun motif behind the headboard, with a touch of some warm bright colors in the lampshade.

Lavender is a nice shade of purple and provides a regal presence and at the same time will not overwhelm the room. Green is another perfect color as it adds a great hue to your room. Green has both elements of cool and warm.

Painting your bedroom

Professional interior designers will usually follow a certain order when it comes to painting a bedroom. It is recommended to paint the ceiling first before the walls. Then only the trim. That is due to the fact that it is faster and easier to do so.

If you’re painting the whole bedroom, the ceiling is first to be painted, then follows with the walls. It is always preferred to have large areas to be painted first because it is much easier and quicker to paint open areas.

How to decorate a bedroom?

Decorating a bedroom is like dressing yourself up. So the order of things matters. Besides, also keep in mind who will be using the space. Interior design elements include pattern, color, texture, space, line, forms and lights. Keeping them well balanced is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Use blankets and throw pillows to add design, texture and colors to the room. These items are a cheaper way to enhance your bedroom.

Placing a TV in the bedroom

The location where you place the TV is important as viewing comfort has to be taken into consideration, especially the angle of the TV. Therefore, a TV should never be placed in a room’s corner or on a small furniture. Instead, mount the TV onto the ceiling with hanging brackets if possible. If not, then place it on a tall dresser at the foot of the bed.

Location of the bed in a bedroom

Start by choosing the center of the most visible wall in the bedroom to put the bed. Having the bed at the center will provide the bedroom layout symmetry so that no spaces are wasted and can be utilized fully. You will also get a better view.

Though a bed is typically placed in the center of a bedroom to create a focal point of the space, but that is not your only option. If your bedroom is large, you can also choose to place the bed in the corner.

Besides, you can also choose to put your bed up against the window as an alternative. But ensure that the headboard does not block out the precious light from the window, especially if that is the only window in the bedroom.

However, if you believe in good feng shui, the head of the bed should never be placed directly across the room from a window, directly placed beneath or even parallel. This is due to the bright light which can raise the level of your alertness during your sleep, thus disrupting your natural sleep cycle and causes restfulness.

If your bedroom has a lot of windows, then it is often necessitates to place the bed in front of them as there is a lack of wall space.