Bathroom Decor

Bathroom Decor

Making a small bathroom look bigger

Using lots of white color in a small bathroom is one of the easiest option to give your bathroom the spacious look. White paint, white tile, and a white vanity as examples. This white color naturally recedes, and allowing the small space to look more spacious. White color also reflects light instead of absorbing it.

Try to keep all things of the same color or tone as much as possible. Avoid having dark walls with light tile (or vice versa), as this will cause the space to be visually smaller.

Besides, use the floor space to the maximum. Example, place baskets beneath the sink, which otherwise would not be utilized. Also avoid using smaller floor tiles in bathroom that is small as it could actually make the bathroom visually look smaller with all those many dividing lines between the tiles on the floor. Use same material types throughout the bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom decorations, go easy on them. Instead install a larger mirror and increase natural light if available.

Tiling for the bathroom wall

The recommended tile height for a shower wall is about 4-6 inches above the shower head. This is to ensure that the wall is protected from the water and at the same time leaving some wall to be exposed to create a contrast for the tile. The choice of wall tile colors can make a huge impact for a small bathroom. Most recommendations are to use tiles that are light hues in color, such as white, light gray or cream. Nevertheless, there are also small bathrooms using darker shades and still look awesome. It all depends on your personal preference.

Flooring for small bathroom

Use large porcelain floor tiles for your bathroom flooring as it is stylish, cost-effective, as well as being waterproof. Similar to stone, these porcelain tiles could portray a texture and rich solid feeling. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. Choose tiles that are larger will give a better impression of a cleaner and less cluttered floor space look.

Small bathroom with shower and separate tub

To have both these fixtures installed in your bathroom, and still leaving enough space to walk in and out of your shower and tub, an ideal size of a bathroom should not be less than 45 square feet.

Placing the toilet in a bathroom

To begin with, ensure that from the centerline of your toilet to any nearby objects in the bathroom, there is a minimum distance of 15 inches on both sides. If space is not a constrain, a minimum of 18 inches would be better to have a more comfortable distance. At the front of the toilet, leave a minimum of at least 24 inches of clear space. These are what most codes required.

The best paint color for small bathrooms without windows

Some of the ideal colors for a small bathroom that has no windows are:

  • Icy blue
  • Cream
  • White
  • Soft green
  • Pink
  • Pearl gray
  • Aqua
  • Yellow
  • Taupe
  • Pistachio

Making old bathroom look new

Choose a bathroom decor theme based on a color scheme. Then look for some fun tiles, and adding in some indoor plants as an option. Some people may prefer to have bathroom decor items that are more functional instead of just for the cosmetic look. However, both will provide the same result by bringing a new life to the old bathroom. Install shelves, hooks, or storage space instead of hanging decor items on the wall space.

Hanging towels in a small bathroom

Use a stacked towel storage method. Stack your clean towels on open shelves and place the shelves close to the shower. To minimize the space usage in a small bathroom, set of shelves should be recessed into the wall surface behind the bathroom door. Clean towels and linens can be placed on the lower shelves and bathroom essentials could occupy the higher shelves.