Apartment Kitchen Decor

Apartment Kitchen Decor

Designing An Apartment Kitchen

As the saying goes…the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. And no other rooms in the home that will demand more attention than the kitchen itself as it is usually the social hotspot where families get connected. However, not everyone is blessed with a nice big kitchen and it will always remain just as a dream.

Apartment Kitchen DecorAnd this is exactly why kitchen space maximizing is a crucial factor when it comes to designing a small apartment kitchen. A great kitchen, though small, will not make you feel cluttered, leaving you uninspired and tired. In fact, smaller and well-designed kitchen can spring some advantages.

Colors For Apartment Kitchen

As a matter of rules, limit the colors for the kitchen to not more than three, as more colors will tend to make a small kitchen seem cluttered and visually unappealing. Go for lighter neutral colors to make the kitchen less oppressive.

Best Layout for Apartment Kitchen

Apartment Kitchen DecorHaving a smaller kitchen would mean that you will have fewer options when it comes to design and layout. However, that does not mean a bad thing. Designing the layout of a small kitchen is actually easier and you can give better attention to details of selection when it comes to fixtures and materials. And because less space has been allocated to the kitchen, it would mean that your living room, dining room or family would have more space. Besides, less unused space will be eliminated.

The most preferred layout for small apartment kitchen is the corridor-style or galley kitchen. This type of layout requires that all the services like stove, sink, dishwater, etc are built into a small area to maximize the limited space as narrow as 8 feet in order to have them as cohesive units and not spread out. Though galley kitchen is small, it can still be functioning as a full-service kitchen if planned efficiently.

Apartment Kitchen DecorWhen it comes to cabinetry, have it built until it reaches the ceiling, Though this does not create an airy feeling, but it is a luxury that cannot be afforded in a small apartment kitchen. It is better to have usable shelving than a few feet of dead space. For the cabinet doors, use glass and install interior lighting that can make a big difference.

For the flooring, use large floor tiles.